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Good Morning all.   I've been working with Hubspot for some time now, and it's been a great tool for my sales team!

There is one major issue that I would like to bring up to see if there is a quick fix that is possible.

When I send out a meeting link in an email to a client/potential client it all works as I believe it should, except for one thing.  The Contact needs to type their name, email etc into the Meeting page after choosing a time/duration.  This is a step that, to me, seems very unprofessional.  If I'm sending them the information, I should already have their name and information.

How can we implement this?




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Community Manager

Hey @scottstirling,


This idea has been requested previously in our ideas forum. I would recommend voting for the idea and watching it to ensure that any updates on the thread are shared with you. 


Thank you,


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