Make Meetings UI Customizable to Match Brand Identity

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How might we enable customization of the meetings feature to enable developers and designers to treat this browser view cohesively with an organizations web/CMS presence?


Aside from the applicaiton of logo and color from general account settings, an organization might desire to change the background color of the entire screen and/or apply custome web fonts to make the meetings experience conform to an organization's brand identity.

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Hey @scooterlang 


This is an excellent idea!  You might want to suggest it here so other users can comment and upvote for more visibility.  I'm unsure of the practice, but maybe with the help of a front end developer, you could customize it via CSS?  Here's a quick example:



This specific class .jBZgpH might be randomized on page load, and likely is (via Obfuscation) but when I tested via a new Incognito window it appeared to be the same:




Hope this helps!

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Hi @Bryantworks!


Thank you for your feedback! You've managed to expand the scope of features that we might request become customizable.


Are you familiar with the Calendly-like meetings feature that takes you to a calendar and meeting time page in the browser? This is the specific feature I was attempting to address.



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Hey @scooterlang, glad I could help! 


Sure thing, I have used both Calendly and HubSpot meetings.  It's likely you could do the same with those, but again HubSpot might obfuscate the code after a certain time allotment.   It would require a bit of testing to see if you could alter it.


Apologies for misreading your original post about meetings, I somehow misread that as the chat widget.  Whoops!

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We have purchased multiple brand domains for our emails, blog and landing pages but they do not cover the meetings link. It would be good for all public-facing elements to allow separate branding.