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I have sales reps who like to go off script and edit the templates I share with them. More often than not, they add length without adding value and inject spelling and grammar errors into the message.

I'd like to be able to share a template but lock editing on it so we have some control over the messaging.

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I get your point here, but I'm going to share a concern. By locking the templates there will be no personization for the emails and would likely be too canned. I understand that your reps are adding what sounds like "fluff", but in my opinion I would suggest training those reps on the inbound sales philosophy.

The inbound sales and inbound sales enablement certifications would be a great place to start.


It will likely take some time for them to change and change is hard...but I think driving that home will likely produce better end results than unpersonalized emails.



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It shouldn't be terribly difficult to allow the templates to be edited by individual users as they send/enroll without the permission to overwrite the original. But allowing any user who has access to a template to edit and overwrite that template inside Sales Tools is a huge problem.

This came up because I had one rep who decided to edit the first template in a sequence that had been performing well for us. He overwrote the original and injected his misspellings, poor grammar, and general disarray into the template/sequence for all other users.

Personalize: Yes!

Overwrite the original: No!

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I have this problem as well. And unless I have the original content saved elsewhere I've lost it completely since I can see/track versions.