Live chat & Chat bot integration

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The Live chat and Chat bot are good individually but there should be a way to combine the best of those tools. The automatic email collection is vital for contact creation but its not available on the live chat. While slack integration that allows for immediete responses is not possible in the Chat bot.  There needs to be a system that combines the options available in both chats so that there is more flexibilty in the way we use the chats. 


I know there are other chat services that offer such flexibilty but I want to be able to collect more data and keep them in a nurture flow in hubspot crm. 

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Hi @kaleigh ,

  To start, I do 100% see the value in having the ability to collect visitor's email addresses through the standard Chat tool and have upvoted the idea on my end!

Thank you,
Kevin Campbel
HubSpot Community Team