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Issue with bluetooth headphone audio

Hi there! 

I call clients from their records, and I have three issues;


1. Their is no way to change the default output so that it chooses my headphones automatically.

2. When changing the ouput device, my headset appears twice, I need to choose the one Communication written before the name of the device for the audio to work.

3. When I do this, the audio just doesn't work on my PC after. I really don't know what's happening here. My headset is still paired and activated, the troubleshooting in Windows is telling me that it produces audio but I can't hear anything. This is the biggest issue.

Anyone is experiencing the same thing?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Issue with bluetooth headphone audio

Hi @JDuchaine,

Thank you for your valuable feedback! This means a lot to us.

First, for information, I'd like to share this article "Microphone not working when making calls in the CRM" that might be of interest since the troubleshooting for the headphones might be similar.

I checked for you and I found the solution from @dani_hermann on this similar post "Choosing a default bluetooth device for calls (headset)" that might help you.

I’ve noticed similar ideas already present in our Ideas Forum: Bluetooth headset issues and Audio device input/output settings for Calling.
To contribute, you can upvote the existing ideas and share more details about your specific use case in the comments.

Thank you and have a lovely day!


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