Is it possible to customize activity reports using Hubspot's reporting add-on?


We have the reporting add-on and were hoping to be able to customize reports for ongoing monthly metrics and general monitoring. When trying to build different widgets, I have found that not all of the fields that are listed in the "Deals" for our sales pipeline are available to manipulate data. Their is limited ability to create value-added reports because I cannot integrate enough information into one specific report at a time. 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Sharayah, thanks for your post. Although you may not be able to completely customize your reporting, there are a couple of options. I would recommend searching through some of the other posts on the community to see if any of our other users posted suggestions might be a good option for you too. 


Additionally, you can head over to our ideas forum to post about what specific improvements you'd like to see to this part of the tool so that our developers can get your feedback.