Incoming unassigned chat - how to set who gets the email notification


We are using Hubspot CRM free version.  We have configured the Hubspot chat widget for use on our website.  When a visitor engages the chat bot, I receive an email in my company email Inbox.  But why me?  We did not intentionally set this up.  I would like to change this so that our sales guy gets the email notification and can therefore interact with the visitor in real time, or later.


We only get one Inbox and all of our incoming chats are "unassigned" in the free version.  That's OK.  Everyone (all four of us) have access to the Conversations Inbox.  Why is it ME that is getting these email notifications?  How can I change that?


It's OK if the email only goes to one person.  I have searched high and low for this answer but cannot find it in Hubspot help articles or other posts in the Hubspot Community.  The sales rep on Hubspot chat wasn't able to find the answer, either, and sent me here.  I'm hoping someone can answer:  WHY ME?



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Hi there,


Same issue here except that I'd like to receive the notifications but it's my colleague instead who get them. 

I've cleared my cache, ticked all the right boxes in the notification settings but still can't get anything. 

An answer would be appreciated, like Laurie, I am using the free version