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I took over a chat from the chat bot after a lead had already submitted a name and contact information. After assisting the lead I sent the chat transcript to a colleague for follow up. The colleague did not receive the contact info because the lead had submitted it to the bot and not me.


Is there a way to enable the entire conversation, including the bot conversation available in a chat transcript? Or, if I'm able to send lead contact information attached to the transcript when I send the lead internally.

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Hi @SuzNGF,


Currently email transcripts for chats started by bots is not a functionality as outlined in this article (search for "email chat transcript").  




This functionality doesn't make sense. Why would using a bot not allow you to send a chat transcript? The customer still gets a transcript don't they?


Is this something that was missed off that is being developed or was there a reason for this?

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My current work around is if I notice the lead isn't assigned as a "contact" yet in the CRM after they have submitted their information via the bot, I'm putting it in manually before I send the transcript for followup. 


The current flow is 

Lead: Hey I have a question

Bot: Someone will be right with you, don't have time to wait, submit your email.


Me: Hey here is the answer to your question

Lead: I need more info

Me: I'd love to have someone follow up.


Then I send the chat transcript to my co-worker for follow up. However, the current chat transcript will not send the interaction between the lead and bot where the lead submitted their email information.  Before I close out the chat, I have to manually assign the name and contact email to the chat.


If I don't, the contact is not logged into the CRM even though, they DID submit their email.


A few extra steps by me saves my co-worker logging into the CRM to access the chat transcript, and then find the contact information from the lead.


However, having the entire conversation thread from initial outreach from the lead, to bot interactions, to when I start chatting would be helpful and save these additional steps.