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Inbox Outgoing Email Address Customization

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We set the inbox up with a general outgoing email address as one does with Hubspot inbox. However, we would like to tailor this to be set based on the user responding to the customers. If it's a sales rep, I'd like the return email address to be their email and not the general inbox address. Is there a way to do this? Would a workflow be best?

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Inbox Outgoing Email Address Customization

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Inbox Outgoing Email Address Customization

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Hi @TDaPron, happy to help.


The inbox is designed to have the same send to/from email for all conversations.


It's not possible to change the reply-from address per thread, but you can personalize the naming of the email sender with these settings:



Hypothetically, if the sales rep did change the reply from email so that the user could email them direclty, the messages would no longer appear in the inbox because their individual email isn't a connected channel which is why I believe this functionality doesn't exist.


An alternate solution can be achieved - it's a little bit of a workaround though.


When an email comes in to the Inbox and it's for sales, it could be auto-assigned to the sales rep via inbox automation and a task can be assigned for follow up.


Rather than replying from the Inbox, the thread would be closed and the sales rep would access the email from the Contact record and reply from there.


When the sales rep accesses the email on the contact record and they click reply, there is an option to change the from email address.


This would retain the subject/body from the original email, but essentially remove it from the inbox.


Once the contact replies, it would go directly to the sales rep. Because their email isn't a channel, it would no longer appear in the inbox - I am not currently using this workaround and it's been over a year since I implemented it previously, so please test it thoroughly to make sure everything triggers properly and works as expected.


This is the email from the contact record showing that the From address can be changed from the default Support Inbox address to the user logged in:



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