I do not see booked meetings in my sequence overview.

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If I propose a time to my lead to join a meeting and send him a request via Google Meet, I see that the meeting is properly linked to the account of the lead in Hs. For this I do not use an Hs meeting link, because I propose a time for my lead to meet in my sequence (Closed CTA).  The only problem I get with this, is that the meeting is not linked to the sequence where the lead came out. Now my question is how can I still add this manually so that I can keep a grip on which sequence scores better than another?

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Hi @VdeLaat 


Thank you for reaching out. 


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Phil_Vallender @Dan1 @StefaniUAT how would you go about this? 


Thank you!



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Hee @Phil_Vallender @Dan1 @StefaniUAT , did you manage to take a look at @VdeLaat his problem? Thnx in advance!