I am only seeing prospects back ten days. How do I display the visitors from more than 10 days ago?


I'm using the 'Prospects' view within the Sales Tools but can only see Prospects dating back to 6 March. The view is set to display 100 records, yet I only see 30 and when I export from the view, I only get 30 rows of data. What are the rules applied to what is displayed in the Prospects view? Is data only valid for a certain period of time? How do I see all of my Prospect data? 


Thank you! 

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Hey @helenstrafe - just to be sure, do you have any filters set?


According to this article HubSpot's prospects tool helps identify companies visiting your website based on corporate IP addresses. When someone visits your website, HubSpot's tracking code is able to look up the IP address of the computer from which they are visiting. HubSpot can then look up that IP address to see if it matches the IP addresses of known company.