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I am testing the Live Chat integration.  We website is built in Wordpress.  I also have a staging feature from my web hosting service to allow me to test changes in my staging site before updating to the live site.  For example, if my site is name, my staging site is


I installed the HubSpot wordrepss plugin to my stagin site.  I went through the three steps to set up Chatflows.  The Chat appears to be working on my staging site.  The question is: How do I disassociate my Chatflow with my staging site and then reassociate it with my live site?


Will simply having the Hubspot wordpress plugin activated make the website work with my Hubspot account Chatflow?  And if I wish to not use the HubSpot chat, I simply disable or delete the HubSpot plugin in wordpress?

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Hi @ACI2008,


If you have the wordpress plugin, then that will be what sets up your tracking code that enables your chat to go live on your website. Specifically, when you are setting up the chat you will be given the option to determine which pages you want the chat on. 


There is also an option to publish and unpublish your chat in the settings, which will determine whether or not it is live on your site.


For more information on this, I wanted to share this resource.


Thank you,

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