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How to track number of page views within a session?

Hi Everyone, 


Been trying to figure out a foolproof way to devise this idea in a workflow..



Create a property that will accurately track the number of page views within the most recent session on our website



To identify which leads are 'warm' versus 'hot'


Knowing when a lead re-visits our website is important, but more so if we could differentiate between the leads that re-visit the website and  drop-off after 1 page view, versus leads that re-visit the website and go several pages deep in their navigation (e.g. 2+ or 5+ page views)


My incomplete thoughts:

- Create a new property 'Number of page views - Last Session'

- Use 'Time Last Seen' or 'Number of Sessions' as the trigger for when they change/update


Here's where I'm unsure, without undergoing significant trial and error.. 


Perhaps I can use a custom equation to find the difference of "Number of Sessions' from the time a new session starts, to when it ends. Not sure how to identify when the session ends.. but I suppose just putting a delay on for X time could be sufficient.. 


Also tough to know that if when 'Number of Sessions' changes (increases by 1), if it's quick enough to capture the # of page views the lead may have already undergone.. 


What do you guys think? Anyone attempted this before? 



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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

How to track number of page views within a session?

Hi @hwagner


Thank you so much for reaching out to us! 


I understand that you are trying to build the specifications of the workflow and would like to tag in some of our experts in on this @Kevin-C@Bryantworks and @Dan1 . Would you have any advice for @hwagner on if it would be possible to achieve their goal? 




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