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How to Download A List of Everyone who "viewed" a document?

I have hosted a PDF using the "document" feature in Hubspot. To access this document, people have to enter their emails. You can this document & process in here.


I am able to see from Hubspot, names & email of people who viewed that documents. I can even see their contact record. However, I am unable to find out how I can extract an excel or create a list of all those contacts. There are over 200 people who entered their email and agreed to be contacted.. yet I cannot find a way to pull this list. I've tried to search for articles on here, but I couldn't find one (apologies if I missed it!). 


I want to believe there is another solution than me having to open every contact record to manually create a list!! If you can help me, I would really appreciate it!


Thank you!


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How to Download A List of Everyone who "viewed" a document?

Hi @MyriJen ,


This is currently not possible using the "Documents" tool, but you may consider using the CloudFiles extension to achieve this in future campaigns. Please note that CloudFiles does not link with the "Documents" tool, so you won't be able to use the extension to pull the current list of people who have downloaded your asset.




Here's more info - Creating Automations with File Viewed Event





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How to Download A List of Everyone who "viewed" a document?

Hey there, 

I see there is an idea submitted for this issue here, you can upvote it

As for your solution..I have a workaround in mind but you won't like it 😄 You will need to use scraping and sheets, not too hard but of course not convenient as having it ready from HubSpot. Let me know if you really have to have this solution and I can write down the steps for you.