How can you measure the incoming emails in the conversations inbox?

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I've been trying to measure the incoming emails in our conversations inbox. We want to tally incoming calls, emails and chats each month to measure general inbound enquiries (which we correlate with broader branding campaigns that don't have any direct response to measure).

I can't seem to find an easy way of measuring the emails. I can't add them to a report; there is no reporting within the conversations section; and even if I filter the emails in the inbox I have to manually count them one by one.

Any ideas?

P.S. I can't seem to select 'Conversations' as a label; is this the right section?

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Hi @Willsweet,


Currently there is no way to run a report on all emails coming into the conversations tool. 


If you would like to see this implemented in the future, I would recommend upvoting this idea on the ideas forum.


In regards to the label, the Conversations tool is associated with the Service Hub, and the conversation label can be found there. 


Thank you,


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