How can SDRs manage meeting links for different product lines?

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I'm wondering if there are any best practices around SDRs handeling the meeting links of our Account Executives. We have multiple product lines sold by different account executives. Depending on how the qualifying call goes, I'm expecting our SDRs to book the next call with the appropriate team member. Are there any best practices around how the SDR can gain access to the meeting links of our AEs? I don't see a way for them to do that in Hubspot now. Are they expected to just bookmark the different meeting links?

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Hi @BenRLamson,


This is a frustration that I also have. Unless I am also missing something, there is not a great way to find other team member's meeting links. The CTA feature within HubSpot has a dropdown of all of them, I'd like to see a similar style dropdown elsewhere.


Your alternatives are:

  • Snippets
  • Templates
  • A cheat sheet
  • Bookmarked links
  • A website page that contains them all


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Thanks for your help @Josh !