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I'm missing an important feature: In my sales pipeline I need to see in what deals I have scheduled a follow-up task or event (email, call, etc.).

For now in my pipeline they all look the same. At pipedrive there was a red flag where a task was overdue. Is there a way to do so at hubspot?

How else can you keep track with 50+ leads, reviewing them and seeing where an action is required?

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Unfortunately, we’re not aware of a way to set a flag directly in the Deal view that will tell you when a task is coming up or is overdue. But with a little creativity you can create a view in your contacts that will allow you to sort your opportunities by “Next Activity Date.”


1. Working in HubSpot Sales, go into Contacts -> All Contacts.

2. Create a new View and name it appropriately (for example, “My Opportunities”).

3. Apply the following filters to the contacts:

            -Associated Deals is Known

            -Recent Deal Close Date is Unknown

            -Lifecycle Stage is any of “Opportunity”

4. Go to Actions -> Edit Columns and search for “Next Activity Date.” Select this value so that it appears in your view, and reorganize the columns so that it appears where you’d like to view it.

5. You can now sort by Next Activity Date so that you know which deals are associated with upcoming tasks.


There’s one caveat here. HubSpot as a software always wants to move a contact forward (lead to MQL to SQL to Opportunity to Customer). Because of this, contacts associated with lost opportunities may still have a Lifecycle Stage of Opportunity, causing them to appear in the above view when you create it.


To fix this view so that it excludes contacts associated with lost opportunities, you will need to create a workflow in HubSpot Marketing that will reset the Lifecycle Stage for these contacts.


1. Set the workflow so that if “The Contact Property Lifecycle Stage is equal to Opportunity” AND “The deal property Deal Stage is equal to Closed Lost,” the contact property Lifecycle Stage is cleared.

2. Add a second action that will set the contact property Lifecycle Stage to Lead.

3. Run a test on a contact before turning the workflow on. If it works as it should, any lost opportunities will be set to Leads instead of Opportunities, and they will be removed from the view created above.


Thanks a lot for your extensive reply.

Honestly, this is super complicated. Pipedrive had a very simple flag automation:

Green: task is scheduled

Yellow: Task is overdue

Red: No task is scheduled


I highly reccomend to implement this functionality because this would enhance the user experience extremely. I switched to Hubspot because it is indeed more powerful than Pipedrive, however I am missing this feature so much that I consider switching back. Is there a way you implement this feature in the near future?


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@Claudio This is a great suggestion. Can you head over to the ideas forum and add this as a post?



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