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My client wishes to hide live chat on mobile devices. I have the live chat code embedded on two sites, one a Wordpress install and the other Shopify. I've successfully hidden the chat on the Wordpress site with CSS and JS, but that did not work on Shopify. 


Additionally, WHEN I REMOVED THE EMBED CODE ENTIRELY FROM MY SHOPIFY SITE, THAT CHAT STILL APPEARS. This has persisted for four or five days now, across various browsers, clearinc cache etc.


I turned the website off and on again in hubspot. Same problem. 


Can anyone advise what might be going on?

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I'm also looking for an answer to this. 
We are getting people complaining about the chat prompt taking up too much space on mobile screens.

I'd rather let first-time traffic read our site and not have this prompt. 

How do we hide on mobile?

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I figured out how to do this on a website hosted on HubSpot's CMS as there is no option to disable mobile in the GUI.


If you paste this into your website's header, this will do it:


  @media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
    #hubspot-messages-iframe-container { display:none !impportant; visibility: hidden;}

I can't speak to a site on Shopify or WordPress using a HubSpot Sales website sales chat script via an embed code, but the above definately works on the HubSpot CMS.


PS - I also looked into using conditional JS to hide the chat script using a media query similar to CSS, but that won't work because it is called through the HubSpot tracking code so you can't edit that... 😞

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Thanks for the tip. We implemented in our non-hubspot (wordpress) web site and managed to hide the chat as well

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I would love to have a simpler way to either turn off the chat bot on certain pages or minimize it so that it isn't so big once someone goes on the webpage. The workaround is a bit complex and requires the help of IT and CSS coding etc. 

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Hubspot developers just need to put in a Mobile (on/off) switch when doing the live chat set-up


Agreed! C'mon devs, this request is from 1.5 years ago. How hard is it to implement an on/off toggle for mobile? It completely obscures my mobile content (bottom right of the screen).

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 Hubspot is one of the biggest companies in the segment and it's crazy how it takes so long to implement such a easy stuff.