Google calendar not connecting to Meetings


I am getting the "Sorry. There was an issue connecting to your account" messaage.

I have no shared inboxes, and have also tried removing my personal inbox and then reinstating it. Nothing has worked.

The email address associate with my google calendar is showing up under "personal emails" in my settings area after I make the attempt to connect the calendar, but it is disabled. When I try to "reconnect" the email address, I get an error message and the IT code suggests that it can't connect to G-Suite, which would be coprrect because it's not a G-Suite account. its my own domain which is self hosted.

I do not use G Suite
I have disconnected and reconnected all inboxes
I do not have any shared inboxes
I have removed the permission for Hubspot from within my Google account and this also did nothing to help

How can we fix this issue where the email address associated with my google calendar connects correctly with HubSpot?


I have been able to successfully connect the Google calendar app to the right email address from within the app marketplace, but this has not resulted in any further change to the "meetings" issue and the issue still exists - evenm though the calendar is now connected an meetings can be synced from within a specific contact file

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Hi @VisionDigital,


Thanks for the update.

I want to tag in some subject matter experts to see if they have any suggestions.
Hi @willsmith @Josh @Crystal_Hopper, do you have any thoughts on this?


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