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Hello, I've been using the activity stream notifications widget extension on my Chrome browser for months. It's been working great for me until recently. I sent a tracked email with links in it and now I get bombarded with 'someone opened the email' or 'someone clicked the link' notifications. It's highly unlikely that my email would have been forwarded on to so many people. I get them all day and night. One thing I may have done wrong is copied text and links from one tracked email and pasted it into another. I wonder if that may have confused the tracking system? Is it possible to stop the tracking for this particular email? Thanks for your help!

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Hey @DanH_UK


Have you seen this article which discusses what a "someone" notification means within your tracked emails? 


If you do want to turn off notifications for that particular message, you can mute the thread which will turn off all alerts for that particular message. Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 4.06.30 PM.png




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