Get around not being able to re-enroll workflows based on activity criteria


I'm having trouble figuring out how to accomplish a couple different things because we can't use activity-based criteria to re-enroll workflows. Has anyone been able to work around the workflow re-enrollment limitation for activities?


Here's what I'm trying to do...


First: I want to send a notification to certain individuals when an activity date changes for a certain call and meeting type, and I want them to receive a notification every time that activity date changes, regardless of how many times that date changes. I wanted to set up a workflow with this criteria:

  • call and meeting type = x
  • meeting start time has been updated in the last 1 day

However, that will only trigger the workflow the first time the meeting is created, not any time the meeting changes.


I want to avoid having to invite these individuals to the meeting, since they are not attendees, but they need to be aware of when it is occuring to do some preparation.


Second: I want to sent a notification to and create a follow-up task for a particular user if an activity is occuring within 7 days, if an attached ticket is in a certain status. I wanted to set up a workflow with this criteria:

  • ticket category = x
  • ticket status = y
  • call and meeting type = z
  • meeting start time is less than 7 days from now

Similar to the above, though, I can't use any of this criteria for re-enrollment, and I would want to trigger the same notification and follow-up task if that meeting start time changes but the ticket is still in the same status.


Basically if the meeting is within 7 days but the ticket status is 'y', we will need to reschedule the meeting. But if the ticket status is still 'y' when the new meeting date approaches, we want to be notified so we can reschedule the meeting again.


Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Hi @megananderson,


I apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. 


I want to tag a few subject matter experts into this thread to see if they have any suggestions for you. 


@Bryantworks@mike-ward@willsmith do you have any suggestions for @megananderson regarding how to work around not being able to re-enroll in workflows based on activities? 


Thank you,

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Thanks for the tag @jennysowyrda!


@megananderson I think there's an opportunity there to swap in some date time stamp actions within HubSpot and then clearing those actions as well.


In my mind you could do something like:

When Activity occurs "Meeting name is 123" then set a date stamp at time of action via a workflow.


Then have a secondary workflow send a notification when that is set, then after the notification clear that property.


You could then reenroll on the basis of that date timestamp property.  Of course, this is all kinda theoretical - I'd love to chat or do a screen share to see if there's another way to help you knock this out.  Or since it's been a while, were you able to come to a solution?

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Thanks so much for your response, @Bryantworks, and for the bump, @jennysowyrda.


I'm seeing a couple challenges with the proposed solution. First is that, if I were to set a date stamp, I would want that date to match the date of the activity, rather than the date an action occurs. (For example, if today I schedule a meeting for May 5th, the date stamp would have to read 5/5 rather than 4/27 in order for the follow-up actions to be triggered appropriately). I haven't seen that there's a way to do this, but maybe I've overlooked that in the workflows? 


And then, even if I can set the date stamp for the date the activity occurs, then the second issue is that for the first scenario I outlined, I need to trigger a follow-up action every time the date of an activity changes. If I'm setting a date stamp via an activity-based workflow, and I can't re-enroll in that workflow, then I can only set the date stamp once, right? So that means I wouldn't be able to trigger a follow-up action each time the activity date changes, anyway. But please let me know if I've misunderstood your explanation.


Thanks again!