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When I send emails in CRM linked to outlook, there is no style family specific.  So when I receive emails and when my customers receive emails - it all comes in Times New Roman which is an ugly font and size cannot be edited.    I can format emails one by one, but this is not ideal and fonts are limited.   At least the signature can be edited by HTML. 


What I am hoping is this post gets upvoted to we can implement this capability which seems obvious to me.  Otherwise sales tools like templates, sequences, etc. are all the less powerful because the emails come out ugly.    



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Q: When I send emails in CRM linked to outlook, there is no style family specific.


Short A: Sounds like something may be wrong with the Outlook integration with HubSpot Sales Pro.


Longer A:

This is what fonts look like in the HubSpot Sales Pro Template editor. (see image)



This is what font's look like from that template in Gmail with no editing whatsoever. (see image).



You may wish to pursue the issue with support (Outlook? | HubSpot?).


Hope that helps.




Please include @MFrankJohnson if you'd like me to respond.


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Hope that helps.


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Hi Frank, 


I did state in my email you can edit the fonts one by one in each email.  What I was hoping to do was a global edit to the fonts and I wanted to choose more than what is offered by the drop down.  For instance, Calibri.  The font family would be something like Sans Serif, Calibri, Helvetica.   


This is important when you use tools like Sequences and Templates where you cannot go in and edit the fonts one by one.   Either way, I just want to set my preferences and not have to change it each time.  

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Hey @DavidYb at this time a global setting is not possible with the HubSpot CRM. You can vote for the idea here.


I encounter the same as @DavidY 


@roisinkirby  the problem is still unresolved. Using sales templates in Outlook, they appear in a times new roman fond. This is ugly, and requires a manual change of fond for every sales email. It is weird that with the gmail integration, the correct fond is inserted with the template.

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Hi @07180 


As @roisinkirby this is not currently possible with HubSpot. As you can see here the only way to change the fonts is for marketing content like webpages, blogs, and marketing emails.


I'd recommend adding your feedback and upvote for this idea here.


Happy Friday


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