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Flexible access to Conversation Templates for all users

Right now all users can see five Conversations Templates. But unfortunately teh five that anyone can see are the first five ever created in your instance. This isn't useful, as the first templates were potentially tests, or after a couple years, woefully outdated. It would be better, if you are limiting access to templates, to at least let a Sales leader select which templates are available. We dont need all our staff on a sales pro seat, so there isn't value in upgrading our profile. But if you're going to give access to 'some' templates, let it at least be useful.

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Flexible access to Conversation Templates for all users

I was trying to avoid doing it manually, and no, we dont want more sales pro seats. I was hoping to point out that the current idea of making the "first 5 created" available to anyone in the HubSpot instance is a bit of a useless feature, since those "first 5," once your business is up and going, are likely not in use anymore. For us, 4/5 are archived, and the 5th we rarely use.


I think if you are going to make 5 Conversation templates available to all users, then at least make it flexible for the team to select which 5 are viewable by all vs which ones are for sales pro users.


Product suggestion, we've gone to manually sharing for our team in the absence of this.

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Flexible access to Conversation Templates for all users

Hi @GailFindlay 


The number of templates you can have actually depends on the hubspot version you're using, and even more, so does the ability to manage sharing and access to the templates. 


I don't know the hubspot version you currently use, but if you think the first 5 templates that you have are no longer useful for your operations, you may delete them and create new ones that met your requirements. 


Regarding sharing with specific users, you must purchase the hubspot sales hub professional to be able to do that. However, if you feel you don't need that version, and you still want specific users in your team to have access to some templates, you should do it manually. Here's what I propose:


Ask each of the specific users (leaders) to clone the templates that you want only them to have access to, and in the "share with section", choose "private to only me". After they have done that, you can also set the template sharing option to "private to only you".


That way, only you and the specific users that you want will have access t the templates. If you don't want to do this but still want specific users to have access to your templates, I'm afraid you'll have to buy a paid seat by upgrading.


I attached this image to show you what I'm talking about





Let me know if this helps.


Best regards,


Bukunmi (Matt) Odetayo

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