Facebook pixel to meetings?

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Hi there, 

Is it possible to add the Facebook pixel to my meetings page? Im using the meetings functionality to allow website visitors to schedule a demo. I want to track the setting of a meeting as a conversion event in Facebook. But the only way to do that is to add my facebook pixel. Can I do this?

- Raheem

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Hi @raheemm 


Because your meetings link page does not live on your domain, you cannot add a tracking pixel to it. 


If you have sales starter or professional, you can embed your meetings onto a website page, which would give you the ability to add your tracking pixel to that page. 




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Thanks @jennysowyrda! I ended up upgrading my account and embedded the meeting code into my site to allow for tracking. 

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HubSpot recently enabled meeting hosting on own domain: https://www.hubspot.com/product-updates/meetings-integrates-better-with-the-hubspot-platform However, I am still not sure how to redirect people to a Thank You page after meeting submission or where to install a Facebook pixel. Can you see if there is a way to do it now? Thank you!