Facebook messenger integration missing options




We are facing 2 main issues when using the FB messenger integration with hubspot:
- we can't send multiple pictures at once

- potential customers are contacting us on messenger through advertisement (catalog or direct messages advertisement using FB ads). On fb messenger we see which produc/message they replied to. But this information is not coming on hubspot. We see only customer message. Therefore our team has to use messenger at the same time to see what is the product / service the user is interested in.


Please try to fix those 2 problems.


Thank you



Note: conversation label is not available so I put "documents"

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HubSpot Moderator

Hi @Filanka ,

  Let's dive right in! To start, I can confirm that it is not currently possible to send more than 1 image at a time through the Facebook Messenger integration. You are also correct that incoming messages will not atribute to an Ads or other sources. That being said, I do 100% see the value in adding these features to the tool and I have upvoted your post accordingly!

All the best,
Kevin Campbell
HubSpot Support