Error when saving a task


I have a task created, i have it asssigned to a member of the team, when i try to slect a queue for the task i get a error when saving?


I have pictures of the error but i cant seem to attach them here.


The error i get is: Sorry, but one or more of the tasks you've selected is owned by another user. You can only include tasks you own in a queue

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Community Manager

Hey @pyramidjames 


Thank you for sharing the message here, it has been really helpful 🙂


You are receiving this message because at the moment is not possible to build Task Queues for other members of your team. A user will only be able to build a queue for themselves.

Being said that if you are looking to request this functionality in the future, I would recommend upvoting this idea on our HubSpot Ideas Forum.

Feel free to upvote or comment on the post to explain your use case for this post as this is where our Product team looks for key customer feedback and feature requests for our software.


Thank you


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