Email Templates Update Feature in Sequence Editing

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I have very recently noticed the new update with "scheduled" sequence editing feature. This is a much needed future as the marketing tactics needs changes on the go.


However, in Sequence, if we attach "email templates" which can not be updated in mid of sequence time. 


I have created 3 email templates for a sequence. I have initiated the sequence for 120 contacts, after seeing the 2nd email reached to many, I have realised the mistake made in the email template. Now, I can edit the sequence email copy, but email template update is not showing up in "scheduled sequences". I would prefer a "Update Template" button in "Scheduled sequence" editing time and wanted to use that feature.


Share your thoughts!

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Totally agree, now we need to UN-ENROLL, update the template/task, re-enroll EACH enrolled in the step they are in. I would expect a similar experience as the marketing email, while scheduled an edit CAN be applied.

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Hi @Sankar and @walterl


If this is a functionality you would like to see implemented in the future, I would encourage you to create an idea in our ideas forum. The more specifics, screenshots, and use cases you can include, the better. 



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