Effective way to gather lead qualification information

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Hi Team 👋,


I am trying to work out the most effective way to input lead qualification data into hubspot when the sales team are on the phone to a prospect.


Currently we use a physical printed out form that the Sales team follow on the call. Howver this darts them from the contact record to the company record, to the deal record and then back and forth while filling out the nessisary fields. 🤮


Because of this, our Sales reps simply fill in the pysical form, with the intention of inputting the data at the end of the call, BUT OF COURSE THEY DONT 😱.


Is there a more effective way to gather this data when on a call with a lead? I see Playbooks could help, but unfortunatly our CFO does not have the budget for this. 


Are there any work arounds or alternative ways that we can make this process easier for the sake of data integrity. 


Any advise, tips or suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Hi @KyleRisi ,


Thank you for posting your query in the Community!

I wanted to tag in some top Community contributors here: @Mike_Eastwood and @Bryantworks , could you share your thoughts?


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Hey @KyleRisi!  So I've done this before with a form for when you don't have playbooks.  You do need access to automation though.


  1. Create a property for the link to the form to live on.  You'll be using the "Share" link generated by the form.
  2. Place that property in the about section of the contact.
  3. Create the form with your qualifying criteria
  4. Create a workflow that amends the share link generated by Step 3 to the URL to that property we created in Step 1
    Image 2020-07-14 at 4.17.05 PM.png
  5. Be sure to pay close attention to how I have the email being placed in the link.  That's so when a rep clicks on the link, the email is prepopulated to a email field so the rep can't accidentally overwrite information for a different contact.


Let me know if this helps!

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Hi @KyleRisi 


Personally I like to pace when I'm on the phone, and write, which don't go together.


So, I have a Call Script in a PDF form – on my iPad Pro – that I draw all over while I'm on the call.


Then I attach the PDF to the Contact in HubSpot. Any useful notes I type into HubSpot.


Not something I recommend, it's just what I do.


Have fun


Thank you for the mention @natsumimori 

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Sounds good👍, however this is kind of what the team do now, the problem is I want this information in Hubspot and not on a document uploaded to the contact. Unfortunately the sales team don't enter the data properly. 😠

I guess I'm going to have to upgrade to get playbooks 😬