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Disable download of documents

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I would like to disable this feature for some of our documents.... 


Any options to do this? 

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Hi @jacob-f


It is currently not possible to disable the ability to download documents. If this is something you would like to see implemented in the future, I would encourage you to create an idea in our ideas forum


Thank you,


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Thanks  - to the forum  ----

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Hey all- 


I see this request was made over a year ago. Any consideration on updates which would faciliate the reqest? The function seems obvious - if a company might want to share material, and track viewership by page (which HS currently does) then why not disable download, where that tracking and engagement is lost?


Is there a response to the request? I see many others have asked and for each that has, there are dozens if not hundreds who want the function but just haven't communicated the request. 


Thanks in advance!


The lack of this feature is stopping us from using Hubspot for documents. We have to stick with Box.


View tracking with a download button is going to be inaccurate by design.


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Very important feature for our use case 

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There are a few questions across the community for this. 
When HS launched documents, the download button was absent. Very rightly so. 

Gave me all the insights about the reader and their reading. Also could update/upgrade the document as many times as I want without worrying about version control. 

The current download button on the documents is SO COUNTER PRODUCTIVE! 
How can I manually (if need be) turn this off? 

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Yes it would be nice to have the option to disable download if needed.

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I agree - did you ever get a satisfactory answer to your request? 



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I would like to add my support for this a feature.  Having download as default WITHOUT the option to disable (by a document, not global) basically defeats the purpose of the feature.

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Yes please, this would be a very important feature. 

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 Is there any movement on this topic? It seems an obvious, useful, and needed update which is also simple to implement (I know easy to say). Please advise!

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I need this very much! Why isn't this possible? Stopping me from using Hubspot documents completely useless without.