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HubSpot rook here, with a "wouldn't it be nice if"... 


When writing our emails, wouldn't it be nice if you could insert custom date tokens when requesting meetings?  This way, you would have one less area to manually adjust every time you send a fresh email.  I know we are encouraged to customize and personalize every message, but this is functionality that already exists in Tasks, and would be one less thing to worry about so we can focus on personalization.  

FYI, SalesLoft, and others have this built in.

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hi @andrewtb4 


These custom fields do not work in Templates or Sequences from a HubSpot sales account. This is the problem I raised. I am aware that HubL works to solve this but templates and sequences dont support HubL


 I am very intersted in this feature as I am a heavy user of templates and sequences 


Come on HubSpot this thread is two years old, give us a time and date tokens please!


Has there been any development on dynamic fields (or "personalization tokens") for within emails?  

This is basically the most valuable part of a sequence. Surely HS could use Outreach or Salesloft for one day and realise what is actually possible?


I just want to be able to include something along the lines of {{two_business_days_from_now}} in a template instead of risking it saying "tomorrow" in the text when sent on a Friday.... But it seems HS would rather me make several additional sequences in order to avoid this.


If you're willing to grind out setting up a workflow for every day of the week with an ask for a meeting at a specific time, you can automate asking for new members of a list for a meeting at a specific time of day in a series of requests. I theory, you could do this for 8 hours of every day. Needs to be managed with unenrollment exit conditions too. Little hard on the brain but there is a way.


Yes I would like this feature also. It would be nice to say "Happy <insert day of the week>" in some of my schedule-to-send emails! 


That feature is still relevant!


Definitely helps with the personalization of an email with you can plug in time related tokens. 


Here is an example I'm using on another platform:

How about we hop on a short 15min discovery call this upcoming {{now_weekday->plus_1}} or {{now_weekday->plus_3}}?


Another idea is to have conditional tokens (if/else), so you can start building proper automated and customized templates/sequences.


I would also like to have dates as a token to use in email templates, snippets, etc. For me just a {today} token would be great but I would also like to see other date tokens and dynamic date tokens added like the comments above.


A {now} token is critical in my area!!


This would be a great idea.

When proposing times for meetings or calls, it is sometimes less of a hassle for our leads to not have to open the meeting link and pick a date.


Instead, If this tag could be synced with our calendar we would be able to then automatically send out emails or sequences that adapt the time tag to the e.g. first availability provided by us on our synced calendar.


Imagine if the second or last email in a sequence could propose a time or date which was automatically generated from our calendar availability after several days?


This would highly increase the flexibility and adaptability of our team to our end users.


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Hi @jabadia18


Are you using a meetings link and/or templates? They sound like two HubSpot tools that would make some of what you are looking for possible. Meetings links allow you give your contacts access to your calendar so they can book time with you, and templates allow you to avoid retyping the same email over and over again. 


Thanks, but I'm referring specifically to custom date tokens inside templates.  And no, the meetings link will not do what I'm looking for.  I specifically want a token that, regardless of what day you email, picks a day of the week or date 2-3 days in the future.  Example: if I email on Monday, it would insert "Wednesday" or "March 28th".  It's fairly easy to do and other platforms I've used have it as a feature: