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Hi All


I've been trying to search for a potential solution for a couple of days, but I'm not getting anywhere.


I need to find a solution to quoting based on the following aspects.


  • Ability to customize look and feel of the page.
  • Discount (Percentage and/or Absolute values) per line item
  • 2 Discount Field (Partner Discount and Client Discount, only applicable on Renewal quotes)
  • Discount on quote total
  • Multiple layouts of quotes (for different Currencies) 
  • Ability to quote in multiple currencies with ROE spot check. (i.e. USD/ZAR @ 14.00, USD/EUR @ 1.50)*
  • Auto apply a discount if Period = 3 (Discount formula driven)
  • Export quote as PDF

We've been looking at PandaDocs, but it lacks the support to Convert USD into other currencies.


If anyone knows of a potential solution before I go ahead an design my own from the ground up, I'd highly appreciate it.




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Hi @grantduke,


See below some insights for you:


1. You can customise the Company information, logo and color of a quote through Branding Tab in Account Defaults in Settings. In addition to this, there are 2 templates to currently choose from when building a quote. The original, standard quote template and a basic more 'invoice style' template. See below screenshot for guidance. Right now these are the only options for customization. 
Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 6.38.55 PM.png
2. Right now you cannot add a discount per line item, you can only add a discount to the quote total.
3. Currently, there is no functionality to add or have two separate discounts fields.
4. It is possible to apply a discount to the quote total. See below screenshot for guidance.
Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 6.42.18 PM.png
5 & 6  Currently, it is not possible to have multiple layouts of quotes. However to manage different currencies on quotes you can add multiple currencies to a HubSpot portal. Once the currencies are added, every time you create a deal for a quote in HubSpot you can select the relevant currency. The currency on the deal will be them be used in the quote associated with the deal. So if a deal is in British Sterling the quote will be the same currency.
7. Currently, there is no ability to auto apply discounts to quotes.
8. You can download a quote in app in PDF format. See below screenshot for guidance
Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 6.56.20 PM.png
In addition to this, you can also export PDFs of all the quotes that have been published in a portal. See details linked here.
We hope this helps!
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Is there a way to preset that purchase terms with default terms and conditions? We currently had to create like 5 sippinets and insert them one at a time, but this leave so much room for human errors and etc.

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Hi @jenma34,


Thanks for your question!


At the moment, it looks like the most effective way of adding terms to a quote is through the Snippets feature – just like you're doing it today. Each snippet has a 500-character limit, so I can see why this might require more than one snippet as T&C can be lenghier than that.  For that reason, it might be useful to create a dedicated folder within the Snippets tool to save all your quote-related snippets for easier retrieval. 


A potential solution that you might want to explore as well is adding the link to your company's T&Cs in one single snippet. That way your customers will be able to clink on the link from the quote directly and view your T&Cs as hosted on your website.


Lastly, if you're a Sales or Service Hub Enterprise user, another solution could be to use a Playbook to save your T&Cs there. This would allow for you to view and copy the full T&Cs at once directly from your HubSpot portal.


I hope this helps!


Thank you,




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Hi @DavidChaves 


Is there any planned development to increase the functionality of the quote tool, as we ended up using PandaDoc to create quotes and proposals.




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Hey David, thanks for your guidance.

Any news about incorporating in Quotes in 2020

  • T's&C's
  • %rates for VAT ?

Thanks in advance


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In regards to point 2, you can add discounts to each line item, see below. 


This will create text displaying "$200 discount" in this example next to the line item, strike through the original price, create a new price at the lower rate, and appropriately reduce the total.