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Creating Pipeline for Manufacturing and Manufacturers Reps

I need some ideas on how to come up with a pipeline that makes sense for my situation.

We have HubSpot Sales Starter with two seats.  I can add more seats if required.


We are a manufacturer.  I am a sales rep who uses manufacturers reps that make all our sales calls.  I do not have the Enterprise edition nor am I able to upgrade.


The tree would look like this:


Manufacturer (me) >>> Manufacturer Rep >>> Distributor/End User


  • The Manufacturer Rep makes the sales calls and the sales to the distributor/end-user. 


  • I am responsible for tracking the manufacturer rep sales and don’t directly interface with the end-user.


  • We don’t quote jobs directly to the end-user and rarely do we quote special jobs to our manufacturer rep.



I have one pipeline dedicated to my region.  Because I do not make deals in the traditional sense, I am considering using my pipeline to track something tangible that I can measure which would be a service that tracks jobs from start to finish.  This service would let me know what jobs are coming up that are using my products and alert me to jobs that don’t specify my products.


I have all of my contacts and companies loaded in the HubSpot CRM.


I can track these jobs from initial design, bidding, specs sent, and job completion.  I have a way to upload all jobs either through spreadsheets or an API from the company supplying this information.


For example, if I have a job that is bidding in San Diego this service would alert me and track all phases of the bidding and build.  It would also let me know if my product is specified or not.


I need some ideas on the best way to design my pipeline.  My manufacturer rep company in California, in this example, would be able to assign an owner to their salesperson that covers San Diego to either a contact or company set up in HubSpot.


The job may require the rep to do the following which I can create workflows to handle:

  • call on an engineer or architect to spec my product
  • require the rep to call on all the contractors bidding the job to make them aware that our product can be used on the job
  • require the rep to follow up with the distributor who sells my product to these contractors


Does anybody have pipeline suggestions or a template that makes sense for this situation? 



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Creating Pipeline for Manufacturing and Manufacturers Reps

Hi @megalug,


Thanks for reaching out.

I want to tag in some thoughtleaders to see if he can provide some input.


@Lu2Swag@Tnichs@himanshurauthan, do you have any suggestions?





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Creating Pipeline for Manufacturing and Manufacturers Reps

Hi @megalug , JessicaH, @Lu2Swag@Tnichs@himanshurauthan,

I have almost the exact scenario. Was there any development in solving this problem?