Counting Sales Calls In A Field?


Looking to creat a call counter field (not in a report). Basically every time a sales call activity is made, to +1 to a numberic field in a workflow Here's the issues I'm running into:


The Activity Date field is very limited as to how you can use it to build an active list (and you have to go the active list route so the contact can be re-enrolled in the workflow every time).

 "activity date is less than 1 day ago" is not available

Also tried to compare it to another date filed, but you can only compare it to other activity date fields (I create a custom date field for "today's date" that updated with a workflow to have the the current date in a field on every contact record - but you can't compare the 2).


The end goal is to be able to produce call lists - "contacts owner =  Rep Name & Sales calls= 1","contacts owner =  Rep Name & Sales calls= 2" etc.


Anyone have any suggestions?



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Community Manager

Hello @Jon-Eric1, thank you for providing information about your goal, I will add some top experts to share their ideas, @madraynewm @Kevin-C any suggestions to @Jon-Eric1 matter?


Thank you,


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