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Conversations being combined together

I've started seeing an issue where conversations to different contacts are being combined together in one conversation string if the email originated from our accounting system. 


In the past, each conversation would be seperate allowing us to dissasociate the contact of our accounting system and associate the real contact by getting the "to" email address, but recently emails to multiple people are being combined in the same conversation and there is no way to "split" a conversation to a new one and now there are multiple contacts I can't disassociate due to there now not being a single contact. 


Is there a way to resolve this? Is it resolvable with a paid version? Thanks

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Conversations being combined together

Hello @CJD94 


When you send an email to multiple recipients, they all receive the same HubSpot Sales tracking image. HubSpot will combine these conversations in one since it's one tracking image,


When you refer to send originated from our accounting system, could you provide us more details?

  • Was this email forward?
  • Were the contacts related somehow in the past in any email? 
  • Was this contact created when the email combined together or was already in the account?






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