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I don't know if it's a bug or just a missing feature, but i have noticed that when answering a live chat via the Slack integration that if the person I am speaking to uploads a screenshot or other media, this isn't visible in the Slack thread, only in the Hubspot inbox. 


Had an issue where a user said they would add a screenshot and after a few minutes I asked if they had managed to take the screenshot yet as I couldn't see anything had been uploaded. In fact, they had already uploaded it 2 or 3 mins ago, which I could see once I went to the HubSpot inbox. 

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Hi @TommyB93,


Thank you for sharing this. Have you reported this experience to the HubSpot technical support team? I am unable to reproduce the behavior on my end, however the Technical Support team will be the best resource for resolving this matter.


Thank you,


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