Contacts and companies auto assigned to me after any action


Hi guys, yesterday I noticed a change in ownership behaviour. Anytime I send email to contact via hubspot, or anytime I edit properties within the contact, these contacts/companies are auto assigned to me. Before the owner was blank and I like to keep it like this. I didn't change anything in settings. Can you help to find why it started autoassign?

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Hey @Hana


The functionality of contacts being assigned to you when you email them through the CRM is built into the email extension. If you want contacts assigned to someone else, or unassigned, this will need to be done manually after emailing the contacts. 


Thank you,


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Our company account runs into a similar issue. We are on the free version of Hubspot CRM and have multiple users on the account. Half of us are on a team and the other half are not for confidentiality purposes (the half not on a team can view all contacts, deals, and companies, and the half on a team can view "team only" contacts, deals, and companies). 


When any user who isn't an admin sends a logged email from their gmail connected inbox, the contact they are emailing is added to the CRM automatically and auto assigns to one user on our hubspot account (this user is not on the team and has admin access, but not super admin). This user is not even copied on the email chain.


This is an issue because the users on the team are unable to view the contacts once they are autoassigned to a separate email. 


How can we stop this random auto assigning and revert it to auto assign new contacts to the hubspot user who is sending the email?