Connecting an Exchange calendar to HubSpot


Currently, only Office365 and Google calendars can be connected to HubSpot for setting up customer meetings.  However, we only use Exchange.  HubSpot does indeed has beta functionality for connecting an Exchange inbox but not for calendars.


I found some old threads that Exchange calendars were being beta tested by HubSpot, is this still possible?  Our company really wants to move towards a paid version of HubSpot but unfortunately we will have to look elsewhere if this doesn't get solved.


Our company ID is 9486372.

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Hi @APalumbo 


Thank you for reaching out. 


There was a beta but it's now closed, so no new portals will be enrolled. The team noticed a few problems with the feature, so they'd like to improve it to provide the best customer experience possible. I'd recommend upvoting this Idea in our Ideas Forum regarding this. You can also subscribe to the idea (Options > Subscribe) to get notified if the status changes and of any updates from the product team on this. 


Thank you



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The posts I have read stating this very thing were from 2017.  I get that your software engineers want it to work properly, but after this amount of time I can only assume this is not a concern of Hubspot's.  It is a shame, we like everything else about it so I am a bit baffled that with the amount of people who use Exchange, that Hubspot has overlooked the wishes of the customers.