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Conditional Section in Records Customization

I have created conditional sections on my Company record based on Products that were purchased. I currently have a workflow that will update the "Product Purchased" based on the Deal Type. Ex (not really selling cats!) Deal Type =Cats, then Products Purchased on the Company Record would include "Cats". This is a multi check option so in theory someone could purchase "Cats" and "Dogs" and they would both show up under that field for two seperate Deals. The issue I am having is that I created Conditional Sections that show only if that product is purchased. Ex Properties = "Color", "Adoption Date", "Birthdate". This is working if only one product is purchased but if both "Cats" and "Dogs" are purchased it still will only show the one that was purchased first. Is this because I am using the same fields for all of the options? I didn't want to have to create a seperate field for each ex "Cat Color" "Dog Color" etc. In the real world I am using this to track Contract Start and End Dates as well as Cancellation Dates for different products. They could all start and end on different dates.  Any Help Much Appreciated!!

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Conditional Section in Records Customization

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I want to tag some of our experts on this - @AdamLPW@StjepanGrcic@LouiseGloverdo you have some advice for @SComeau on this?

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