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When we close our deals we are prompted with a popup box which asks for reason why. I would like to analyse this data, is there any way I can pull it into a list or spreadsheet? I can't actually find it as a collective source of data


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Sure is!


Head over to your Deals View and add a filter for "'Closed Won Reason' is Known."  This will display all the deals which have this filled out.


Then you can click the Options button and "Export all in view."  You can include current properties or all properties and your export will include the data you're looking for.


If you repeat this process with the filter "'Closed Lost Reason' is Known" you'll have everything!



Happy selling,


Kyle from IMPACT


Brilliant - many thanks!

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If you want to report on this, you could try what we have done.

I added a field with a drop down selection and added various reasons for deals being closed lost.

I pulled these into a report and can see what the main reason for deals being closed lost is!

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