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Clone a meeting scheduling page

We need to regularly create scheduling pages for our BDR's and Sales Directors, and it takes too much time to have to keep referring back to an old page to get copy etc.  


According to this Community post, we should be able to clone scheduling pages, but here are the hang ups:


1. We need to create pages for other people, and that is not possible. We can only clone our own meeting scheudling pages.  


2. We set up a round robin template in one of our team memebers accounts in order to clone that and reassign it, and once the template was set, it won't let us clone.  


What are we missing?  Can you only clone your own 1:1 meeting scheduling page?  This feels like a big miss...

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Clone a meeting scheduling page

Hey @JPerney, thanks for reaching out!


Looks like there is some fine print in the Community thread you shared:


There are two notable technical limitations:

  • Currently, only individual 1:1 scheduling pages can be cloned. Group and round robin scheduling pages cannot be cloned.
  • Meetings with a payment cannot currently be cloned.


That said, I just ran a test in one of my client accounts and was able to clone meetings links created by other users and set the "organizer" accordingly, so that may help you in creating links for other users.


Otherwise, I strongly encourage you to share your thoughts and use case in the HubSpot Ideas Forum!



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