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Is there any way to see whether a visitor that starts a chat has left the site?  Currently someone will submit a chat and we can't determine whether that user is still waiting for us to respond or has already left the chat/site. 

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Hi @rsbarry,


While there is no built in functionality to know if a visitor has left the chat, I wanted to share some resources for responding to and engaging with abandoned chats.


1. How to deal with abandoned chat interactions

2. How to solve web chat abandon rate problem


Additionally if you do choose to use some of these responses, you could keep it as a snippet and use it in live chats.



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This is greatly needed! Right now, we have no intelligence behind what pages they are actively viewing on the website (if they clicked on a link we provided in chat), or if they abandoned and walked away. This saves a lot of efficiency for when a representative knows when to close a chat.