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Change in labels order when exporting view from the action board

Hi all, I export all my sales data from hubspot weekly and the labels have always been in the same order, barring someone having put an additional category for instance.
Since last week, my labels have been completely misplaced, they are the same but not in the same order, and my performance tracking tool is built around the usual order.

I would like to identify the source of this change, is it an update, do I have control over the order in which labels are put when exporting the data?
Thanks in advance.

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Community Manager

Change in labels order when exporting view from the action board

Hi @EDia 


Thank you for reaching out!


Can you clarify what exact steps you're taking when you export data? Do you have specific examples of the behaviour before and now that you could share with us? 


The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide the better we can assist!


Thank you!



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