Can't use template on follow up email




I sent out some emails a week ago using a template which filled in, to the body of the email, the recipient's name, company and job title.


I've created another template to use as a follow up if I don't get a response. This follow-up template doesn't pull in their name, company or any other personalized information. It leaves those parts blank.


I've noticed that this is only happening if I'm using a template to send a second email to someone I've already sent an email to. Templates still work fine if it's a brand new email.


Any reason why the template seems to be an issue for responding to sent emails?

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Community Manager

Hi @jtrory,


Do you mind sending along examples of where you are seeing this? All templates should be treated the same way, and the contact information will be pulled in for all emails.


The more information, screenshots and examples you can send, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,

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