Can documents from forwarded emails also be saved on an associated deal?


Dear Hubspot community,

In my team we noticed when we forward emails that they, as well as contained documents, get only saved on the contact and not on any associated deals (where in our case it would be relevant to have that information). When bcc-ing Hubspot the information gets saved on both deal and contact, so we assumed it would work the same way with forwarding emails, which is not the case. Is there a way to also have the email and eventually contained document saved on  the associated deal as well instead of just on the contact?

Thank you for your support!

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Community Manager

Hi @Nele 


Thank you for reaching out. 


The documents should be saved on the contact record, on the associated company record and also on the 5 deals that have been most recently opened. Could it be that the deal wasn't in the 5 most recent open deals associated to the contact? It also need to be smaller than 50MB or the attachments won't log. 


Thank you


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Hi Tiphaine,
Please excuse the delay of my response. I checked for the requirements you named in your reply to my question and for those e-mails I then forwarded it worked. It may have been connected to files within the previous e-mails being too large.
Thank you so much for your quick and insightful response!
Kind regards,
Nele Drott