Buttons on Templates page not working


I wanted to update an existing template, so I opened up the templates page and clicked 'Edit' but nothing happened. So I clicked it several times along with 'Duplicate' and 'Delete', still nothing happened.


I checked if my chrome was up to date (am working on Windows 10 with the latest Chrome browser) yup, latest veriosn installed.

Restarted my laptop in case there was something buggy going on there as that has happened occasionally.

Loaded it all back up again, went into Templates, clicked on Edit and still nothing. The cursor changes indicating the button is clickable but nothing happens when clicked.

Anyone else experienceing this? Any ideas on how to resolve?

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Hi @JoSeawright, I'm sorry for the delay in response on this. Are you still experiencing difficulty editing your Templates in HubSpot Sales? If so, would you be able to create a screencast of this issue, so that I can take a closer look at the actual behavior of the tool? I like Jing as an easy screencasting tool: https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html


Thanks very much for your help,



Hi May, not sure how but it has been resolved. A few days later I was in there again and it was working fine. Ni idea if it was my end or Hubspot's but it is now fine.


Thank you for replying though