Bug Report: Notification showing Wrong View Count


The notification within the sales tool is wrong.


Specifically the number of times that an email was viewed.


When opening up from the Chrome Extension (in this case) it lists 1 view, but when using the sales tool keyword search and locating the same record, the number of views are correct.


This email which was sent on the 15th was opened twice on the 15th and again today. The notification which should have the full history is only showing the entry from today.


Screenshot 2017-03-17 at 12.12.09 PM.pngFull view using keyword search.png




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Hi @harryhawk, in this case I would recommend clicking on the following link, in order to reset the connection in between your CRM and your Sales extension: app.getsidekick.com/restart


If you are still seeing a different number of email opens in the contact's timeline from the number in your Activity Stream, the most likely explanation is that one of your email open notifications was at one point deleted from your Activity Stream, likely by accident. This would mean that, althought the right amount of opens is shown in the contact record, your extension is only showing the amount of opens that occurred since the last notification was removed.


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