Bring back calling from HubSpot app

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Bring back our call from app option!


Dear Hubspot people, why has this been taken away it must be returned!

It is one of the primary reasons I chose Hubspot and likely why now I will leave, and there must be many more like my startup.

Why is it so vital for me? I am sure other people have other reasons as well:

  1. We rely on Hubspot to call our clients in other countries (I don’t need nearly as many minutes as you give us but we need some). Calling from a local provider to an international number is very expensive and not an option.
  2. Calling from the Hubspot web interface is inferior. The ‘call from phone’ is awkward and the voice quality is bad. People always complain of a delay and sounding ‘far away’ or ‘broken’. ‘Calling from browser’ creates an echo and the same issues as ‘call from phone’.
  3. Another reason I chose Hubspot over its competitors is that it is a ‘one stop shop’ for my sales needs. If I need to now create and pay for a twilio account, it defeats this and I will leave.  
  4. You want to be applicable internationally but this really alienates your forgien markets who rely on this as a solution to bad local phone providers.
  5. Why are you doing this?
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HubSpot Product Team

Hi Rupsul, 


First up, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It’s hugely helpful as we evaluate the future of our calling capabilities. 


For some context, the decision to remove VoIP calling from the mobile app was a difficult one. We had been seeing a lot of reliability and call quality issues similar to what you’ve described. Unfortunately, the ability to fix these issues was outside of our control. Poor call quality and inconsistent customer experiences combined with minimal feature usage ultimately led us to pull our engineering team away from this work.


As an alternative to HubSpot Calling or calling via your mobile provider; HubSpot has dozens of integration partners that specialize in calling. Many of them, including AirCall and RingOver also have mobile apps that can track calls directly into HubSpot. Might be a good option to consider -- especially for global calling needs. 


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Vishnu M.
Product Manager, Mobile
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Thanks for the feedback Vishnu, but I do not totally understand. The Mobile app calling option was of a better calling quality than the 'call from browser' option. So the stategy now means that the Hubspot call option is weaker not stronger? Also do you have plans to improve the 'call from browser' option then? 

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Hi @vishnu ,

Is there any update on this, please? 
It would be great if you could bring this feature back or tell us the real reason for removing it.

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I could not agree more - this function was vital to my business and it's such a shame that Hubspot has taken it away so quickly without getting feedback and thoughts from their users. 


Really disappointing... PLEASE BRING THIS FUNCTION BACK! 

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I really can't believe you guys canceled this feature! 

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I totally agree that it was a bad move to remove this feature from the HS app. The explanation given was the poor quality of IP calls, but I can still do IP calls on my laptop which uses the same wifi network as my phone and the quality is fine. Wifi coverage in my office building is better than cell phone coverage, so the quality of my calls is actually less now than it was before.  I imagine that many people use this feature and if the real reason to cancel this feature costs, I would have no problem paying.