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Just reading through the Messages help article and I was wondering if you could block free email providers from submitting their email before chatting to us?


"Collect visitor's email address: select this option to prompt the visitor to provide their email address before they receive a reply from you. They will then be created as a contact."





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Hi @clioi  At this time, no, but I could see where this might be valuable. Would you not want the chat to proceed if the person had a free email address? or would you want the chat to continue without creating a contact. 


Either way,  can you add this as a post to our ideas forum for further comment? When creating your post, please add the following for context. 


WHO is the feature for?

WHAT product/tool does it improve?

What is the GOAL?

How would this add VALUE?

Do you have any EXAMPLES (other products / diagrams / screenshots)


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Hi @edjusten thanks for getting back to me. That's right, I would not want the chat to proceed if the person had a free email address. We have the same process on our forms too, contacts only receive our collateral if they provide a working business email address. I'll post the idea on the forum. Thanks!