Basic need for Sales Staff - UI Simplification request.


I wonder, would it be possible to provide very simplified and easy-to-use interface for sales people? We are a company working on b2b business, marketing and selling various service products to variety of customers.


The most fundamental basic need for our sales staff is to know:

- Which current or existing customer companies are visiting and which pages they visit.

- Which of (identified) current contacts have accomplished these browsing sessions.


The problem goes here: For the basic need - solution is ackwardly complicated within UI. Hubspot UI requires tens of clicks and modified views to find out this information for daily usage. And when you have finally drilled yourself to piece of information valuable - you need to hit back button or browse again for next piece of information. First of all - I wonder why page vistis for prospects, companies and contacts are on different view? Why companies and contacts are on different view? Why prospects are on sales and others are inside marketing? It is very hard to adapt people to use this tool for their very basic need. 


I would suggest very simple view with following structure to cover ALL types of page visits:


Last seen time - Contact Name (or empty) - Company Name (or prospect name) - List of pages visited on this session (CLICK TO EXPAND HERE FOR LIST OF PAGES).

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Jakke Thank you for your comments and sugggestions. Apologies that we have not yet responded. 


HubSpot and the Inbound methodology are contact focused, so the interfaces tend to lean toward the individual lifecycle stage of the contact as they move through the marketing funnel. While we do understand that some company's workflows are geared towards companies, it is always a specific contact within the company that the marketer/salesperson is nurturing. For this reason web traffic and all pertinent info for an inidvidual is located on their timeline. 


As an Enterprise level customer however, you can build smart lists of users that have visited your inidvidual pages base on sepcified timeframes. These lists can help target your efforts to specific individuals, and even trigger workflows to send pre-made email messages. 


We do offer a streaming/notification feature, that notifies a user if a contact is on a page in real time. Click here to find out how to set up alerts and notifications.  


I hope this helps your understading of the HubSpot inteface. For more information, I would recomend reaching out to your account manager.


Thank you,

Ed Justen




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