Automatically Send Document Once Form Completed and Submitted


I am trying to figure out how to have my document - which is uploaded in HubSpot (i.e., under Documents) - automatically sent once a person completes and submits a Form.  The Form requires the person to provide their email address.  I am using the FREE version which includes the ability to use one of the Landing Page templates.  The one I am using is called: Compass - Download Assets.  Here is the link: Landing Page Template - Compass - Download Assets.


NOTE:  I took out the blue Download image as I wnt the person to fill out the form before the person receives it via email.


Would really appreciate your help...



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Community Manager

Hi @MAMBuckland 


Thank you for reaching out. 


You should be able to add a follow-up email via your landing page by following those steps. You can attach a document by following these steps.  


You can also create a thank you page where the contact would be redirected after submitting the form, and where they could click on download to get the documentation.


Hope that helps.
Have a lovely day,

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